The Best Pet Ramps On The Market

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  • Date: December 4, 2022
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Pet ramps are an important purchase for dog owners to make. That’s because they serve many vital functions, both inside and outside the home.

Pet ramps allow dogs to get some exercise. This is because pet ramps help initiate cardio. When your pet uses a ramp to go up or down, they are engaging in cardiovascular exercise. This is particularly helpful for very active breeds that need more than the typical 40 minutes of daily exercise.

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Pet ramps are also vital tools to give your pet access to different areas. For your dog to exercise, they need to be able to move from place to place. It can be hard for a dog to get in and out of a vehicle, in and out of a home, or to a higher level. A pet ramp can be used as a substitute for stairs.

Giving your pet their mode of movement from one level to the next makes it much more possible for exercise, travel, and regular daily activities. This makes life easier for both the pup and the owner.

Pet ramps are especially beneficial to smaller dog breeds that might even have trouble climbing regular stairs. This could be because they have shorter legs. This is also ideal for older or disabled dogs that have less mobility. A pet ramp will help get these dogs around.

You should consider a few key features to purchase the best dog ramp.

Size Of Your Dog

The size of your dog will help determine what kind of pet ramp you will need. For starters, a small to medium dog will need pet steps or a ramp with a lower rise so the animal can step onto it comfortably.

The deeper the step, the easier it is for a dog to climb it. For a ramp with steps, try to pick one with deeper steps.

A medium or large dog may need a pet ramp that holds a certain amount of pounds. The steps should also be wide enough to support the dog’s body.


Some pet ramps are more portable than others. Portability may be a bigger factor for you if you need to carry the pet ramp around when you travel with your dog, especially if you need it for the car. Portability may also be important for storage reasons. If you don’t want a pet ramp-up in the home at all times, you will want a portable one.

Some pet steps come in multiple pieces that snap together for easier storage. Some ramps can be collapsed and made smaller. These great features will allow you to move the ramp from place to place.

If portability is a big factor, you wouldn’t want to get a furnished pet ramp or too large to move around. Some pet ramps are designed to be similar to actual furniture pieces, which might not be suitable for you. However, that kind may be perfect if you want something more permanent.


Materials vary from ramp to ramp as well. Some ramps are made of traction material, which keeps your pet from slipping. This might be material to consider for your pet’s comfort.

Some ramps, made to look more like furniture, are made of traditional wood. These ramps quite literally look like actual mini-steps. This ramp would give an aesthetically pleasing look to a room already furnished with wooden pieces.

Other ramps are made of plastic, which makes them lightweight, easy to clean, and portable.

Most ramps typically have soft cloth pads on the steps. If you choose a ramp with this feature, you can wash the pads in a machine for convenience.


A foldable pet ramp is a really interesting choice for puppy owners. A pet ramp that can fold can be stored easily and transported easily. Many pet ramps fold into smaller pieces or retract.

A foldable pet ramp can also become flat if the legs fold inwards, allowing it to be stored in a space-efficient way since the ramp is slim and flat. Putting a foldable ramp in a closet or trunk will be a piece of cake.

Buying Tips

Measure the area where you intend to place the ramp or steps. This will help ensure that you purchase the right size pet ramp to reach the proper distance needed.

If you have a larger dog, check its weight. Some pet ramps are for smaller dogs and won’t hold past a certain weight.

If you prioritize style, you can always look for pet ramps designed to appear like furniture pieces. A wooden staircase pet ramp would be a great idea.

A pet ramp for a car is a great option as well. Consider a pet ramp for dogs that need assistance getting in and out of the car.

Here are some of our recommendations for the best pet ramp.

Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp (Winner)

Solvit is a great brand that works to create tools that help dogs move around and travel with the family. One of their main specialities is pet ramps. They create a wide variety of ramp types to suit all different kinds of dogs and animals.

The Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp has an overall rating that exceeds four stars, making it the winner of our recommendations. It is extremely convenient to use, durable, and safe. It is marked at a price of about $150.

Key Features

  • ​Bigger size (XL)
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Strong
  • ​Extendable
  • ​High-traction walking surface
  • ​Carry handle
  • ​Safety latch
  • ​Extra space
  • ​Gentle climbing angle
  • ​Telescoping design

​The Solvit Deluxe Pet Ramp is engineered to be a dynamic ramp that includes various high-quality specs for you and your pet.  


One of this pet ramp’s biggest specs is its large size. It can hold a variety of different-sized animals on it. It can hold larger animals; some have even used this ramp for goats that weigh over 150 pounds! Because of its size, it can also be used with multiple pets at once. This pet ramp can also be used with larger SUVs and vehicles.

Another great feature of this pet ramp is that it extends and collapses in a telescope motion. This means that it slides into and out of itself. One reason why this feature is so great is because it allows the ramp to extend. You can extend as long as you need to for the perfect reach and the best angle.

Another reason the telescoping design is so great is that it allows easy removal and storage. The pet ramp collapses into itself, making it small and compact. This creates a narrow, flat surface that can easily be stored in a car or a closet. It is also lightweight, so it can easily be picked up, set up, or put away.

The surface of the ramp is covered with a high-traction walking surface. This will keep your pets from sliding, losing grip, or getting into a potential accident while walking up or down the ramp. This is a great safety plus.

This XL pet ramp is great for those who need to transport it because it comes with a carry handle, allowing you to move it around conveniently. It also has a safety latch to prevent the ramp from opening and causing an accident.

The Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp is built to give a gentle climbing angle that does not stress your dog’s legs and makes it easier for them to climb and access.

This ramp can be used for cars, the home, outdoors, and over actual steps. It is versatile and perfect for any pup or setting, making it a steal!

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Extra Wide Ramp (Alternative)

Pet Gear is a trustworthy brand specialising in creating and selling on-the-go pet items. People love them for their pet care. They make crates, strollers, carriers, backpacks, booster/car seats, beds and cots, bike baskets, and more. One of their specialities is pet ramps and stairs.

Their extra-wide pet ramp is an awesome alternative to our winner. It is a highly loved product that is convenient to use and affordable. It sells for about $75.

Key Features

  • ​Compact
  • ​Tri-folding design
  • ​Perfect for travel
  • ​Skid-resistant surface
  • ​It can hold up to 250 pounds
  • ​Easy to set up
  • ​Folds open
  • ​Durable
  • ​Extra Wide
  • ​Safe footing

​This extra wide pet ramp has a bang for its buck. It has many great features for both dog and owner that are worth the price.


This ramp is extremely convenient to travel with because of its tri-folding design. It has three panels that fold into the centre, making the ramp slim and compact. That way, the ramp can easily be stored. It can be put into a car, closet, suitcase, and more. The carry handle makes it easy to hold and transport.

The Pet Gear Tri-Folding Extra Wide Ramp is a great choice because it is wide. This allows various dogs of different sizes to use the ramp comfortably. The ramp can also be mounted on various surfaces because of the great width that allows it to be versatile.

This ramp is also good for larger dogs because it can hold up to 250 pounds. You don’t have to worry about using this ramp with a larger pet; it is durable and will hold.

A pet ramp like this is great for giving your pet access to hard-to-reach places. It can be used in a variety of different environments. It can be placed in the home, car, or anywhere else where your pup needs to get on a higher level.

This piece is effortless to set up because it folds open. It is only 27 pounds, so extending the ramp outwards is a quick and simple task.

The Pet Gear Tri-Folding Extra Wide Ramp is made with a skid-resistant surface. This ensures that your dog has a secure footing on the ramp. This will prevent any slipping, sliding, discomfort, and accidents. The ramp also has rubber footings to keep it from abruptly becoming displaced.

In addition to all of these awesome specs, this pet ramp is very affordable. Lined up to ramps from other brands, this one takes the cake with its price.

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp (Runner-Up)

Like the previous one (the alternative), this pet ramp is also by the company Pet Gear. They are famous for their pet transporting products and pet ramps. However, this one is slightly different from the previous Pet Gear ramp because it is free-standing.

A freestanding ramp doesn’t need to be attached or mounted to any object or vehicle. They can stand as they are since they have their mount. This is also ideal for larger dogs.

This pet ramp retails for about $74, making it a cost-effective option. There are many perks of a pet ramp at this price.

Key Features

  • ​Pressure activated grip
  • ​SupertraX mat
  • ​Sure footing and good grip
  • ​Freestanding design
  • ​Self-supported ramp
  • ​Foldable
  • ​Compact
  • ​Portable
  • ​Sturdy
  • ​Durable
  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​This ramp’s dimensions are 56” L x 16” W x 23” H.


The Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp is a good choice because it does not need to rest on another surface to be used. This pet ramp is free-standing and supports itself. This means that it can stand anywhere, independent of a vehicle or furniture piece.

The cool thing about a free-standing pet ramp is that it can still be used to enter vehicles or higher levels, but it can also be used for pet fun and exercise since it can be placed anywhere on its own.

This pet ramp is constructed using a supertraX mat to keep your pet from sliding or losing its grip. This mat ensures sure footing, which will keep your pet free from any accidents involving the ramp.

The mat is also pressure-activated. This means that when your dog’s paws hit the mat, the mat reacts by allowing the dog actually to grip the mat, ensuring stability.

This free-standing ramp is very convenient because it can be folded up for storage and transportation. Once it is folded up, it is slim, compact, and portable. You can pack it, store it, put it in a closet, or take it in your car. It is also lightweight.

One cool thing about the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp is that it comes in various options that you can choose from based on your individual needs as a pet owner.

The first option is supertraX, the ramp covered in the supertraX pad, which holds up to 200 pounds. The next option is slip-resistant, which holds up to 300 pounds. The third option is carpeted, which holds up to 350 pounds. The fourth option is carpeted, which holds up to 300 pounds.

The carpeted versions are soft and comfortable for your pet, but they are also higher maintenance when cleaning. The ones with the supertraX pads will be easier to clean, as they can just be wiped down with some wipes or regular soap and water.

However, the carpeted version would be good for pets with long nails so your pet has a better grip on its climbing surface. The carpeting can still be removed and machine or hand-washed.

All of the mentioned anti-fatigue kitchen mats are available for purchase through Amazon.


Our favourite pet ramp options are great for pets and owners alike. They are high quality, highly reviewed, and durable. These brands prioritize pet safety and comfort.

Before picking the one, you’d like to purchase, review all the qualities you’d want in a pet ramp. Invest in the best pet ramp possible to use it long-term.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your dog, your home or vehicle, the storage specs, the materials used, the design, and the size of the actual ramp. All of these factors should play an equal role in the ramp of your choice.

You don’t want a ramp too small for your dog or too big for your vehicle. You need something just right! And if you want a ramp you can place anywhere, consider the free-standing ramp as one of your main options since it does not have to lean on a vehicle.