Best Light Colour for Video Games

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  • Date: January 3, 2021
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Short answer: white light is recommended as the best light colour for video games, but there’s more to it than picking up some lightbulbs from the hardware store and calling it a day, read on:

Is There a “Best” Type of Light for a Gaming Room?

The best choice is either a LED and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) with a daylight white temperature. Both LED, and CFL lights are available in different colour temperatures.

Colour temperatures are measured in Kelvin (K), so when people say “daylight”, it usually means either a warm light (2,700K – 3,000K), cool white (3,000K – 5,000K), or daylight (5,000K – 6,500K).

When shopping for a LED or CFL, check the range different lights can produce. Many lights can provide a variety of temperatures, and with smart LEDs, they can be set to automatically change over time to mimic the natural change of light thought the day. Some people say LEDs are a bit too clinical looking, and not as warm as incandescent lights, but if you need to work (or play games) for long hours, they can help keep you alert and focused.

When setting up your lights, you can set up an indirect light source. That is, bounce the light off a wall, to avoid glare and shadowing.

Finally, avoid fluorescent lights, though they are a staple of offices everywhere, they will give you a headache if you have to stare at them too long.

Ideas for Lighting for Your Game Room

If you want to design an arcade-like or home theatre, look at how movie theatres or old-style arcades are made.

Think dark (or black) colours for your walls and ceiling. You can bounce a diffused light bouncing off the walls and ceiling, and this gives no direct glare wherever you sit.

If you’re handy, add an overhang around the parameter of the room, and installed LED rope lighting behind the overhang. Rope lighting is quite affordable and available in many colours.

Keep your ceiling as dark as possible. This helps prevent glare on glass surfaces, like your TV, computer screen or pinball machine’s glass.

When shopping for light set-up, a dimmer is good to have as you can dial exactly the amount light needed – some games like more light than others.

Another option for a games room, especially if you’re thinking of setting up a pinball machine, is using black-lighting. Black lights are also available in LED and CFL and can add some style to your games room. They can light up a room enough to make it easier on the eyes without brightening it up too much – plus the way white glows under them gives a real arcade or club feel to a home set-up.

Some off-beat lightings ideas? How about a lit aquarium? Want a real 1970s-style arcade, how about a disco ball? If you are creating a games room, don’t be afraid to consider some out-ideas.

Ideas for your computer gaming system

Bouncing coloured lights off the wall behind your monitor are one idea to add to the ambience of your game.

Keeping the amount of light relatively even between your foreground and background (the wall) can help ease the strain on your eyes and make gaming more immersive.

Look for lighting systems that support Razer Chroma. This is standard supported by several manufactures include Philips Hue’s White and Color Ambiance bulbs, that let your lighting change colour along with your game without needing any extra set-up.



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