The Ultimate Dome Camera Buying Guide

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  • Date: December 4, 2021
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In case you are wondering why Dome cameras have this peculiar name, it is pretty simple. Their shape is the main reason why these cameras are known as dome cameras.  Relatively new to the scene, dome cameras have been in high demand.

They are efficient and are significantly better than most security cameras due to a plethora of reasons. One of the biggest reasons people usually prefer dome cameras to other security cameras is how fashionable they are and how easy it is to install them.

Not only that, they blend in exceptionally well, and it can be difficult for people to spot them if you place them wisely.

Restaurants, retail stores, casinos, homes, schools, etc., are among some of the many places where you can use dome cameras.  One of the most significant advantages dome cameras have over other cameras is that it is virtually impossible to tell how their lens is moving because of their dome shape.

There are different kinds of dome cameras available in the market. Some companies design these cameras to cater to the needs of their clients specifically. You should be aware of the different kinds of dome cameras before you go out to buy them.

If you are looking for a dome camera with night vision, choosing an infrared dome camera would prove the best option for you.

If tampering and vandalism are your main concerns and you are afraid that someone might steal your camera, we advise you to go for a vandal dome camera. You are looking for a camera that can view a long-distance?

Go for a varifocal dome camera, as it allows you to adjust the camera’s focus according to your desires. As time has gone by, the quality and features of dome cameras have gotten significantly better, and they offer you flexibility as no other security camera could.

Our Recommendations

There are many dome cameras on the market to choose from; so, it is evident that not all of them are of the same quality.

These cameras do not come cheap. They have different prices and features that make them unique. You should be very careful when choosing a dome camera as investing money in a camera provided by subpar manufacturers can turn out to be a bad deal for you financially and quality-wise.

However, do not worry; we have compiled a list of cameras for you to choose from to make the job easier. These are some of the best dome cameras you will find on the market; they are relatively cheap and have excellent quality, providing you with the best bang for your buck.

Best Cameras For The Money

Winner: R Tech RVD 70 W

This camera is the winner when it comes to efficiency and quality. Both of these traits are unmatched. Its price is relatively low considering its exceptional quality and its outstanding features.

Following are some of the features that make this dome camera the clear winner:

  • This dome camera has backlight compensation and auto gain focus. These two features ensure excellent picture and video quality irrespective of how the lighting of a place is
  • This camera is suited for the toughest of weather conditions with its heavy-duty metal IP66 body
  • This dome camera has excellent infrared lighting that is miles better than infrared light in other security cameras. The powerful LED lights make sure that the camera can detect the slightest of things in the darkest of places
  • The lifespan of this dome camera is remarkably more prolonged than most dome cameras, making sure that you get  full value for your money
  • The varifocal lens in this dome camera is 2.8-12 mm. You can quickly adjust the viewing angle according to your needs without any hassle
  • Superior image quality is one of the things that have made this camera so high in demand; its 1/3 CMOS sensor and 1000 TVL resolution are what ensure this camera’s excellent image quality

Runner-Up: R Tech RVD 70 B

This camera is a close runner-up to the winner. Only the absence of a couple of minor features is responsible for the runner-up position this dome camera has gotten.

Mentioned below are some features of this dome camera:

  • Optimal picture and video quality is a guarantee in this camera with the presence of backlight compensation (BLC) and auto gain control (AGC)
  • You are free to install this camera in inclement weather conditions. Its heavy-duty weatherproof metal IP66 body ensures that the camera is always up and running no matter how rough the weather becomes
  • The lifespan of this excellent camera is significantly longer than most cameras, and the infrared quality is second to none. The powerful LED and SMD lights ensure that
  • The lifespan of this dome camera is remarkably more prolonged than most dome cameras, making sure that you get  full value for your money
  • You can quickly adjust the angles of the viewing area with the presence of the varifocal lens
  • This camera can easily support various video outputs with the greatest of ease. 720p HD, 720p AHD, and HD-TVI are some of the features that this dome camera can easily support

Best Dome Cameras Under $100

If you are looking for excellent dome cameras under one hundred dollars, look no further.

Winner: YI Dome Camera

The design of this camera is why it is so famous among people. Its different efficient features and durability are also factors that make this camera high in demand.

  • This camera has a YI cloud, which means that all of the memory is safe in case someone erases it. Your footage will be completely secure, and you will have to restore the footage using a user-friendly app
  • Protection and compression of videos is something that this camera does brilliantly, and this is something, which is extremely hard to find in other cameras
  • The YI dome app is easy to use and has features and options that will leave you in awe. You can customize schedules, set security alerts, share videos, etc. with the greatest of ease. You can use this camera’s app on Android as well as Apple
  • Most security camera owners often complain about the audio experience. Well, not with this camera. This dome camera has an anti-noise filter that will make your listening experience crystal clear. The hands-free and intercom modes present in this dome camera make things even better
  • The range of LED lights in this camera is extremely high. It can detect almost anything in the darkest of places. The no light pollution feature will make your viewing experience even better as this camera works perfectly in pitch dark areas

Runner-Up: Amcrest Pro HD

The Amcrest Pro HD is among the best dome security cameras that you will find for under a hundred dollars. People afraid of rough weather and vandalism could do no wrong by purchasing this top quality dome camera.

Sure, it is a bit pricey, but it will prove to be an excellent choice in the grand scheme of things. We have provided a list of features that make the Amcrest Pro HD camera so great:

  • These cameras are UL compliant, and they have FCC and CE certifications as well. Amcrest also provides this camera with a complete one year warranty and lifetime support
  • Snapshots, email alerts, and motion alerts are some of the features that make this dome camera stand out.  Amcrest also has mobile and web apps to make sure that the users can access their cameras from different locations. The best part about Amcrest?s apps is that you can access them using any mobile and computer platforms. Apple or Android for mobiles and Mozilla, Google Chrome or Safari for computers
  • The field view that this camera offers is exceptionally remarkable.  Intelligent digital zoom, a wide viewing angle of 81 degrees, superior high definition 3-megapixel video resolution ensure that the picture and video quality of this camera are top-notch
  • This dome security camera also has cloud recording service. Therefore, you do not need to worry about losing all of your recordings as you can directly retrieve them using the cloud

Alternative: Antai Vision 960p

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this camera is any lesser than the cameras in this guide.

This camera has made the alternative section only because of the absence of a few features. Mentioned below are some of the features that make this dome camera great:

  • The image quality of this camera is excellent (960p). You can see everything comfortably on your monitor as well as on your smartphone screens
  • You will be able to see everything that this camera records at night because of its night vision feature. Parents with newborn babies can make use of this feature as they will easily be able to monitor the baby from a remote distance with the greatest of ease
  • The two-way communication feature is one of the best parts about this camera. You can communicate with anyone just by pushing a single button.  The sound quality is excellent and does not have any added noise
  • This camera gives you the option of adjusting the motion detection. Your smartphone will immediately alert you if something out of the ordinary happens

Dome Camera Video Quality

The video quality of dome cameras these days is second to none; these cameras can now shoot in 1080p, 4MP and 12 MP or 4K. These cameras have their I.P addresses, and you can control them easily from remote areas.

Weatherproof Dome Cameras

One of the most significant concerns people have concerning security cameras is resistance to different weather conditions. Numerous other security cameras in the old days and even these days stopped working with the slightest change in weather. Rain, snowfall, wind, or thunderstorm is all it took for these cameras to stop working.

No one wants to invest in a camera that would stop working with the slightest changes in weather. It is where dome cameras prove their worth. They are resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions.

Massive thunderstorms, rainfall, snowfalls, and even hail could do no damage to these cameras. Part of the credit goes to how brilliantly companies design them, making them unsusceptible to extreme or inclement weather conditions.

Benefits And Advantages Of Dome Security Cameras Over Other Security Cameras

Following are some of the advantages that make dome cameras an infinitely better choice.

Diversity And Variety

As we mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of dome security cameras. They all have unique features and advanced technologies; it can be hard to keep track of the different varieties of this camera.

Some domes are movable, while others are motionless; some have motion sensors while others have thermal sensors. Not only that, they have different unique appearances as well.

Different Angles

The variety of angles that dome cameras can record videos in is impressive. The wide-angle view is what this camera is exceptionally famous for. You are free to capture a designated area or target different areas at once.

You can even maximize the areas you want to catch on camera. One hundred eighty degrees to 360 degrees is the amount you can expand your camera, which is quite significant.

Resistant To Vandalism

Full disclosure, there are some flaws in some dome cameras that you can quickly detect. One of these flaws is that if wrongly chosen, these cameras can be susceptible to vandalism. However, some cameras are entirely resistant to destruction. Their design and metal bodies ensure that they can resist almost any kind of damage.

There are times when people have to place their security cameras in lower areas where they are easily accessible by anyone. These cameras end up becoming the targets of vandalism. You can now choose vandal-resistant dome cameras to make sure that they are safe from mistreatment.

Low Profile And Discreet

People prefer dome cameras because of how discreet and low profile they are. They can virtually become invisible if you place them correctly. It is why many places where burglary and theft are everyday occurrences people prefer to install these cameras.

It is tough to detect these cameras at first glance, so many people praise them. Churches, casinos, malls, and police stations are some of the places that have seen the significant benefits of these discreet dome cameras.

Easy Installation

One of the most common problems people have when it comes to security cameras is that they are challenging to install. However, dome cameras eliminate this problem. Their easy installation is what gives them the edge over numerous other forms of security cameras.

There are different ways to mount this camera. There are some cameras that you have to screw on the wall. These cameras usually have some wiring.

While there are other cameras that you will not need to mount with screws as they operate on battery and WIFI. You can attach them wherever you want to using the company’s method in the instruction manual.


All in all, dome cameras are the best form of security cameras available in the market. Their top-notch video quality, their durable body, and their flexible features are what make them a must-have for everyone. This buying guide discusses dome cameras in great detail.

You will find different recommendations in this guide given by us. We have provided all of these recommendations after a close and thorough inspection of various dome cameras. You will be able to find some of the best cameras available on the market at affordable prices.

You will also read about some important things to look out for before buying a dome camera. Finally, we have given some compelling reasons that make dome cameras significantly better than other security cameras. Once you are done reading this guide, you will easily decide to choose a camera that would best suit your needs.