Best COVID Face Mask for Beards

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  • Date: December 22, 2020
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In this article, we’ll cover the best covid face mask for beards and if you can wear a mask with your beard.

This CDC infographic lets you know if your facial hair won’t work with a mask. Most moustaches work, most beards don’t

How do beards impact the effectiveness of face masks?

During winter, some men look to add an extra layer of warmth to their faces this winter.

Others, maybe taking advantage of extended work-from-home to try growing out a beard.

But as long as mask-wearing is encouraged, should they worry about facial hair interfering with the effectiveness of face coverings?

Some experts say men should shave their beards to obtain the best mask fit, but others say it depends on the beard and if it needs to be used in higher-risk environments. 

The CDC has released an infographic on facial hair and masks, outlining safe styles, including handlebar moustaches and soul patches.

When it comes to the cloth masks people wear going out, breaking the seal isn’t as much of a concern.

But some experts disagree. Dr Jane Wang, a clinical instructor at the University Of British Columbia, who has studied face masks extensively, says that men with beards experience more “leakage”.

Wang says those keeping their beards should still wear face masks.

“It’ll be less effective, but it’s better than nothing,” she said.

AirPop Launches a New Line of Face Masks

AirPop’s innovative “aerodrome” design is engineered for ideal air exchange. The 3D shape stands off the face, creating a canopy of clean air and balanced air circulation so no more discomfort, eyeglasses fog, sweat or collapsing on the lips or cheeks.

AirPop has harnessed filtration science and technology innovation to build products that deliver unrivalled comfort since 2015.

AirPop offers the same two-way barrier as medical and industrial-grade masks. Still, They are specifically engineered for consumers, to be comfortable all day on a variety of face shapes and sizes.

AirPop multi-use disposable masks provide 99.3 per cent particle filtration and 99.9 per cent bacterial filtration. Plus they offer fluid resistance to deliver a robust, two-way defence for up to 40 hours.

AirPop solves critical issues that affect most masks: fit, filtration and breathability. Accredited third-party labs test all of the materials used to manufacture its masks to exceed the WHO and FDA medical mask material performance standards.

Fit: A close fit is essential to prevent the inhalation and exhalation of small particles and droplets. AirPop masks feature a patented soft seal and frame that helps ensure a snug, but comfortable, fit.

Filtration: AirPop masks create a barrier down to 0.3 microns with greater than 99 per cent effectiveness at this scale. Its unique combination of four-layer filter material provides a two-way barrier against particles and droplets.

Breathability: AirPop masks “give and take” in sync with your natural breath. 

AirPop masks come in two options: multi-use disposable masks and reusable/washable masks with disposable filters.

They have three models currently:

  • AirPop Light SE: The patented design of the Light SE creates a “lighter than air” feel with a 3-D domed structure that enables effortless breathability. Ergonomic wings, adjustable earloops and a cushioned nose seal provide superior comfort and fit.
  • AirPop Pocket and Pocket Case: The Pocket is a light mask that comes with a compatible carrying case, great for using on the go. 
  • AirPop Kids: AirPop used the same patented design principles that make the AirPop Light SE create a one-of-a-kind children’s mask. 

AirPop reusable and washable masks feature disposable, snap-in filters that block 99.97 PM 0.3, including dust, bacteria and viral matter, and delivery up to 40 hours of use. These masks will also deliver up to four hours of wear time per filter. 

For more information on AirPop, visit


Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash