The Buying Guide To The Best Car Seat Cushion

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  • Date: February 13, 2022
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When you think about how many hours a day, week, month, or year we spend in our cars, it can certainly seem like a lot. Although we’re in our cars all the time, whether it’s for our commute to work or just running errands and having a social life, we rarely make any effort to make it a comfortable space.

Just as at home we have a lovely sofa or comfortable cushions to relax on, doesn’t it make sense that our cars are also just as comfortable and supportive? Stiffness, back and neck pain, and overall discomfort can be everyday things when we’re driving for even more than five minutes, and this is where buying the best car seat cushion can help.

These cushions come with many benefits for your comfort, as well as keeping you in a healthy position while driving. Not only that, but they can protect your car seats from damage from the sun or other external factors, so they’re a device made for both you and your vehicle. 

If you’ve started to shop around for these cushions, you know they’re not as straightforward as they seem, with so many different specifications and features to consider. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best car seat cushion for you and your vehicle so you can reap all the benefits.

Best Car Seat Cushion
Winner: Big Ant Car Seat Cushion
Runner-Up: Fortem Seat Cushion
Alternative: Feagar Lumbar Support Cushion
2nd Alternative: Amooca Car Seat Cushion Cover Set

Our Recommendations

There are virtually hundreds of car seat cushions on the market, but not all were made equally. Finding the right fit for your cars and the features you need could take a lot of research, and that’s why we made it more accessible and did it for you. These are our recommendations for the best car seat cushion for long trips, those for protecting your seats, reducing back pain, and more, all within a very affordable price range.

Winner: Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

Our favourite choice is the Big Any Car Seat Cushion for the best all-rounder car seat cushion. 

Unlike other bulky cushions, this one offers the perfect amount of cushioning that won’t make you feel as though you’re sitting up too high or trying to drive atop a mound of soft pillows.

The materials used in the Big Ant cushion are what set it apart, including an outer PU leather surface with bamboo charcoal inside.

The bamboo charcoal is known as a natural antibacterial which is good peace of mind for people who drive in sweaty conditions regularly. The PU leather is soft and durable, but it won’t heat up under you and cause any discomfort.

Compared to other cushions on the market, customers were thrilled with the breathability that this one offers. This would probably suit warmer climates better than colder ones because it keeps the seat cool and ventilated while protecting from the sun’s damage.

With each set, you’ll get two covers that go over the bottom seat, but there is the chance to upgrade. Big Ant offers full covers for the top and bottom and even cushions for the back seat so you can customize it to the number of passengers you regularly ride with.

Customers’ typical complaint about the Big Ant cushions was getting the sizing right. Some found it wouldn’t reach their seats, and others thought it was too big, making it uncomfortable to use. Each bottom cushion measures around 21 x 19 inches, so you have to be sure it’s going to fit.

There’s quite a bit of adjustability with this cushion which is good news for those who weren’t happy with the initial fit. You’ll get two hooks for underneath and two for the back so you can secure it on, and there’s also a nonslip rubber sole that will hold the cushion firmly in place. This means no moving around or adjusting as you drive so that you can enjoy the added comfort.

As far as car seat cushions go, this one can tick all the boxes. Regardless of how many hours you drive each week or your specific reason for needing a car seat cushion, you’ll love how versatile the Big Ant one is. It’s super breathable, easy to adjust, and gives you the right amount of comfort and support while also protecting your car.

Runner-Up: Fortem Seat Cushion

There’s nothing worse than having to drive long distances when you’re suffering from back pain or just feeling uncomfortable in general.

The Fortem Seat Cushion is our pick for these types of drivers, and they’ve managed to make the best car seat cushion for back pain and alleviating discomfort.

Made with highly responsive memory foam, it will give you instant comfort. Cleaning the cushion is easy, thanks to a removable and washable cover.

This mesh cover is also great for wicking away moisture and means even in the hottest conditions. You’ll be able to drive around comfortably.

This extra attention to detail is why it’s one of the best ergonomic car seat cushion changes because it’s not just about protecting your bottom half. This is more of a generalized seat cushion that can be used every one, not just the car. It comes in two parts with lumbar support and tailbone relief which means all body areas are supported.”

Because this is a cushion you can use anywhere, you’ll get a lot more value using it in more than just your car. You could watch TV with it or take it to work, and then quickly move it to the vehicle when it’s time to go somewhere. Otherwise, investing in a backup if you find you like the design would make life a lot easier.

The downsides that upset some customers with this cushion was how it didn’t retain its size and shape after a few uses, and some people found it flattened out completely. If you’re investing in a cushion like this, you want it to stay just as firm as the first time you used it, unless you prefer the flat feeling and not so high up.

Some users also had problems with keeping the back upright and said that after a while, it felt floppy. You’ll want it to stay firmly on your car seat and not move around, so this could be a significant downside. However, Fortem offers a one-year warranty and will gladly replace or refund your money if you find the cushion to be faulty.

If you’re after a car seat cushion that you can also use at work or home when you need to, this one from Fortem is excellent value for money. Provided you feel comfortable with the firmness and shape that it retains, it’s an investment that will probably last for many years and save your body from a whole lot of discomfort.

Alternative: Feagar Lumbar Support Cushion

Not all car seat cushions are designed to give you support underneath, as anyone who drives long distances knows this isn’t always the main area of discomfort.  

The Feagar Lumbar Support Cushion supports the lumbar specifically, in the form of a large back pillow used against your car seat.

If you’re someone who travels a lot, takes long trips, or has quite a journey to take to get to work each day, this is the best car seat cushion for long drives.

You’ll appreciate the lumbar support that isn’t usually offered in a car seat cushion, and it’s instantly noticeable as soon as you sit in the car with it.

The Feagar Lumbar Support Cushion uses a thick, moulded memory foam inside to give you serious support. Some may prefer a gel cushion as it helps cool you down, but this will work as long as you don’t live in a scorching climate. It’s not as breathable as some other materials because it has a velvet cover, so this is another thing to keep in mind if you want your back to be cool and comfortable.

This is another support cushion that can be used anywhere and isn’t just made for the car. Although we’ve rated it the best car set cushion for long trips, you could also use it at work on your regular seat, at home while you’re reading or watching TV, or even on other forms of transport like a plane ride or train journey.

The cushion comes with two straps for adjustability, and you’ll get 18 inches of extra coverage, so they fit on most car models. The two straps mean that the cushion won’t slouch or slump over, and as you’re driving, you won’t have to adjust it to get comfortable.

Feagar has made this car cushion ergonomically supportive, and it has special contours that meet the curves and shape of your back. Some customers have found it takes time to get used to and even fit your body thanks to the memory foam, but once it starts to fit, it’ll be as though it was made just for you.

If you’ve tried other cushions and wished there was more support for your back and spine, you’ll want to try out the Feagar Lumbar Support Cushion. It’s not as cooling or ventilated as some other styles, so probably not ideal for those in warmer climates, but it’s got great support for longer trips and will add a lot of comfort to your seat.

2nd Alternative: Amooca Car Seat Cushion Cover Set

If you want to deck out your complete car with a luxury car seat cushion set, the Amooca set is a great choice.

This car seat cushion set has six separate pieces so they can cover your entire car, protect it, make it look amazing, and also give you added comfort as you drive.

Although these are made for comfort, they’re also incredibly stylish. Even people with older cars will get an instant update when adding these covers.

They’re made with a 3D model design which means they fit right against the surface of the upholstery and add a great shape to the seats as well.

These cushions are made with PU leather, so they’re meant to help protect the seats from cracking and drying out. However, Amooca recommends cracking your window to ensure they don’t get too dry, so this kind of defeats the purpose. If it ends up raining or snowing, you’re going to end up doing a lot more damage than you would without the covers.

There are specific cars that this cover set suits, including Grand Cherokee Wrangler, Mazda 5 and 6, and Kia Soul and Sportage. However, people with a Hyundai Genesis Sedan or Subaru Cruze won’t find it a good fit. The best way to tell whether it will work with your make and model of car is to fit the measurements. Most front seats will fit, but the back seat can’t be more than 53 inches.

Amooca hasn’t made these cushions ergonomically suitable, so they’re not exactly supportive while comfortable and stylish. You won’t find any extra comfort or lumbar support as you drive, and people who travel long differences will probably want some more cushioning.

The price of this set is a lot higher than a separate cushion, but as it comes with six pieces, it works out quite well. The price is more about the design and style and less about cushioning, so it’s perfect for people who want to combine luxury with practicality. If you have an older car that’s in desperate need of a makeover, this could be a quick fix that will save a lot of money.

Unfortunately, Amooca doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee on quality which means if there are any defects, you’ll have to deal with them yourself. However, as long as you care for them, wipe them down, and clean them now and then, they should last your vehicle for many years. This is a great choice for a complete car seat cushion set in style and comfort.

What To Look For When Choosing A Car Seat Cushion

Choosing a car seat cushion can be just as personal as buying your car, and you’ll need to meet many specifications to suit the vehicle and what you’re looking for in a cushion. Here are some things to keep in mind when you start your search for the ideal car seat cushion in price, features, and practicality.

Driving Habits

Before you can even choose the right cushion, you need to think about your driving habits. Do you drive your car every day or even more than most people? Do you rarely drive it but still want something that will be comfortable and supportive whenever you decide to use it?

Where you park and the conditions your car is left in might need a more protective cover will also determine the type of cushion cover, so there’s a lot to consider.


There are two key areas where material matters. First, the inside cushion material will dictate comfort, thickness, and support. Common choices include foam, memory foam, gel, and other soft materials. The cushion’s cover will also play a huge role in how it feels and works, and these could be leather, PU leather, mesh, velvet, or anything else that offers breathability and softness.

Comfort Of Car

You already know how comfortable your car is and what your seats feel like. Those with older models or less supportive seats will need extra cushioning, and those with already soft seats won’t need as much thickness.


Car seat cushions come in different shapes and styles to suit different parts of the car. Some are just for bottom support in a cushion style, others have a backrest, and some will cover every car seat in the vehicle. You can also choose a versatile cushion that’s not just for the car you can take to work, on the bus, or use at home.

Car Make And Model

All car seat cushions come with their dimensions, and you need to match this to your car. Check the measurements to make sure it’s going to fit your seats, and even check the make and model of the vehicle as some cushion manufacturers list specific cars that work with their accessories.

Ease Of Cleaning

If you’re worried about the mess, you can choose a car seat cushion that’s easier to clean. Look for one with a removable and washable cover or a material that can be easily wiped down. Some are also waterproof stain proof, and there are antibacterial materials available.


Cushions that aren’t just designed to sit on top of the seat should have some form of adjustability so you can attach them correctly. There are things like straps and hooks that keep it secured to the seat and let you make them bigger or smaller, so they fit your specific seats. Some also have nonslip soles made of rubber that stop them from moving around.

Extra Features

Car seat cushions can be as basic or advanced as you need. Extra features you can choose from include an extra cushion, pockets, compartments, ventilated mesh, cooling gel, or complete sets for the entire car.

Benefits Of Using A Car Seat Cushion

Investing in a car seat cushion can save you from many discomforts, but there are plenty of other benefits they offer. If you’re on the fence about your new purchase, consider the benefits that are possible:

  • Ergonomic support: Good support is necessary for a healthy spine, lumbar, and coccyx. With an ergonomically designed cushion, you can get as much support as you would an ergonomically designed office chair
  • Cooling/heating: Sitting on a hot car seat that?s been in the sun or a chilly one that?s been out in the snow doesn?t make for a comfortable driving experience. With inner material like mesh or memory foam, you can stop these extreme temperatures before you get in the car
  • Vehicle protection: A car seat cushion can protect the seat underneath it, especially for cars that are parked in the elements regularly. Using the cushion can prevent from sun drying out materials, fading colors, and overheating that occurs naturally over time
  • Comfort: Driving for long periods of time isn?t always comfortable, but the quick addition of one of these cushions mean even the longest road trips will be bearable
  • Style: If you drive an older car and the seats look a little dated or your car seats are faded and worn, adding a cushion or cover can give it an instant makeover

Comfort And Practicality All In One

Stiffness, sore necks, and uncomfortable journeys are things we expect when driving our cars. Even if you don’t regularly drive for long distances, we could still use all of the extra support we need, and that all comes with the right car seat cushion.

The best car seat cushion isn’t always going to be the same product for everyone, so you need to find one that matches your personal needs and those of your car. Consider the shape, size, thickness, and materials in your decision, and with the right one, you’ll notice an instant difference in your next drive.

We spend so much time thinking about comfort at home or ergonomics at our office desks, so it makes perfect sense that we start paying attention to our vehicles as well. With the best car seat cushion in your vehicle, you’ll never find driving a chore again.