The Benefits of Playing Board Games for Adults

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: March 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Board games are not just for kids; there are several benefits of adults playing board games, from keeping mentally alert and refreshed to social time.

For busy adults, the importance of taking time off to play some games is well known.

Benefits include

  • They keep you functional when under stress
  • It refreshes your mind and body
  • A game can encourage teamwork
  • They can increases energy and prevents burnout
  • Taking time off to play a game can trigger creativity and innovation and helps you see problems in a new light.
  • A game can improve logic, memory, and creativity.

For kids and older adults, the benefits also include:

  • For kids, board games can teach them how to learn to win (and lose) in a safe environment. When you lose, there’s always another round to play.
  • For older adults, the advantages include reducing the risk of cognitive decline. Boardgames help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well into old age.

Here are some of the other advantages of playing board games for adults:

Physical and Mental Performance

  • Laughter can increase the release of endorphins, the chemicals in the bail that bring the feeling of happiness. Laughter can also be good for empathy, compassion, and trust with others.
  • Releasing endorphins can also help reduce blood pressure as they cause muscles to relax and blood to circulate.
  • Games can create positive feelings, laughter and bring enjoyment; these strengthen your immune system by causing the release of chemicals that fight stress and boost your immune system,
  • Board games allow you to get away from your screen, which is good for your eyes if nothing else.
  • Games can aid in memory formation and cognitive skills improvements.
  • You are keeping your mind engaged by exercising it to keep it resilient to age-related diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Games that require fast decision making have been shown to help speed up your responses outside of games.

Social and Family Time

  • Games can be good for busy families. When families spend time together, learning skills at the same time as strengthening family bonds.

Games for Every Taste

There is a range of board games for all tastes. Some of the most popular board games include:

The classics like Backgammon. Chess. Checkers. Go, Othello, and Scrabble, to family games like Monopoly and Risk, Trivial Pursuit. Pictionary, as well as classic kids games like Chutes and Ladders/Snakes and Ladders


To some, games might seem like a distraction from work, but board games have many positive benefits, like reducing stress and can teach vital negotiation skills and much more.

Photo: Peter Griffin