Bell Media Mass Job Cut Affects TV Personalities

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: July 26, 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Latest job cuts at Bell Media includes well-known TV personalities across Canada.

The Toronto Star’s David Bateman reports that Bell Media has recently announced their latest job cuts and the shake-up includes well-known TV personalities across Canada. Bateman further reports, the total number of job cuts remains uncertain; however, the recent cuts were primarily in the Agincourt studios.

Bateman explains, “Bell Media owns 30 local TV stations and 34 specialty channels like TSN.” Bell Media started their restructuring process back in August and further confirms that the process will continue until November on a location-by-location basis. Bell Media announced plans to cut 380 positions, including 270 in Toronto, just one day after their quarterly report was announced with revenue growth of 4.1 per cent and adjusted profit of $183 million from their latest quarterly report.

Bateman states the following well-known TV personalities who have been affected by the recent job cuts, includes: CTV News anchors Matheson, Hutchinson and Joshi; Newstalk 1010 anchor Mike Toth; David Woodard of Newstalk; reporter Sheri Forde; senior producer Todd Hayes; morning host David Bastl; Quebec-based CJAD reporter Angelica Montgomery; CTV Ottawa sports reporter Carolyn Waldo; CTV Morning Live anchor Lois Lee; news reader John Brenner; Jeff Paterson a Vancouver Canucks presenter for TSN 1040 Jeff Paterson; and Michael Kuss who was a Vancouver-based meteorologist for CTV.Further, Bateman states further TV personalities who posted public parting messages or their biographies were removed: Amanda Blitz; CTV anchor Carol Anne Meehan; CTV reporter Tom Kennedy; Host Shelley McLean; and CTV sportscaster Perry Solkowski.

Bateman confirms that, “Sports show Off The Record with Michael Landsberg was also cancelled in the wake of the cuts. The host will remain with the company to produce shorter segments for SportsCentre and online.”

In the end, the article reports the ongoing job cuts within Bell Media has recently affected prominent TV personalities and an unclear number of employees primarily in the Agincourt studios, where TSN and CTV News are based.