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Audio Visual Needs for Conference

Putting on a conference is a large undertaking, and there’s a lot of things to keep in mind from organizing timetables, speakers, guest lists, maybe food and dozens of other things. It pays to outsource some of those things to experts, so you can concentrate on the things that will make your conference memorable – in in a good way of course!

Hiring a professional AV Team for your conference audio visual set-up is one thing that can take a lot of chance out of events. If you’ve ever done an office meeting presentation you know how often laptops and projectors just don’t seem to work flawlessly, so you can imagine what can go wrong with a large conference. This is why it pays to hire professionals to organize all the equipment, set it up, and be on hand to make sure everything is working properly.

A few things to keep in mind before hiring an AV company include:

  • Know what your needs are in advance and prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP) that lists as much information about your needs.
  • Decide on a budget and share this information when you send out the RFP to potential suppliers.
  • If you have a venue lined up, find out if they have experience setting up there. Chances are, if it’s a local company that’s been around a few years, they might even suggest rooms to avoid or have other inside tips.

For the venue itself, find out as much as you can about it.

What does the venue provide, and what are the rules for the venue?

  • Before looking for an outside AV company, make sure the venue allows one, some have in-house teams or preferred suppliers.
  • What does the venue provide and what are you expected to provide?
  • Is there internet access provided. Also, is it WiFi (wireless) or wired connection? WiFi might not be ideal if you’re streaming content during the conference.
  • Is there an accessible dock and elevator for moving heavy equipment? The AV company you hire will appreciate you know if you can help make their job easier.
  • What is the size and ceiling clearance?
  • How soundproof are the walls/partitions?
  • If you are setting up a projection screen, are there any spots where light sources could interfere?
  • What elements of the room can/cannot be blocked by stands, stages, seating, etc.?
  • Are there house lights, and if so, where are the controls?
  • Any restrictions on stage lighting?
  • Does anyone need a teleprompter?

With an AV provider and a venue, the next step is to book the equipment. In some cases the venue or the AV team will have their own equipment, and should be covered in your RFP.

  • Video equipment: Almost every conference needs to display some video content, do you need some video monitors or projector screen?
  • Audio: Like video, this is must-have for any large group. You need to make sure everyone in the audience can hear your presenter. What about mics, speakers? Your AV provider can make recommendations, but you have to put this into your RFP.
  • Lighting: Venues will have some basic lighting, but it will likely up to your and your AV provider to provide the more specialized lighting.

These are the basic audio-visual needs that you must think about! If you wish to get specific recommendations on exactly which displays to use, or how to add some flare to your event, contact PureAV. , they’ll be happy to explain everything from common AV terms to all aspects of putting on an event.

If looking for Conference Audio Visual services, visit their website for more information on what kinds of services they can provide to make your next event a memorable event.

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