Alarabiya News English Showbiz Reporter Simo Benbachir Declares: “Emirates is the Best Airline In the World!”

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: June 15, 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Simo Benbachir alias ( Simo bb ) is the very first and still only Moroccan reporter currently active in Hollywood. Simo BB is well known for his outgoing personality, engaging charisma, and his skills in front of the camera. Simo BB recently made internet headlines when he posted a particular video of himself on his Instagram page. The video showed Simo BB on a plane drinking a glass of delicious champagne. The video went viral due to the luxurious look of Simo BB’s time in the sky.

Comments about the video flooded in soon after it was posted. Users began posting comments such as: “Oh my god! Do they actually have a bar in the plane?” and “… you drive me crazy and you make me jealous when I see you have champagne up in the air. Take me with you??”

The airline Simo BB had chosen was Emirates. After the video went viral, Simo Benbachir made the following statement on a tripadvisor review:

“I fly all the time from Casablanca to Los Angeles via Dubai and I can’t fly any other airlines. When I compared with the likes of British Airways, Air France and American Airlines, Emirates wins by a mile. All cabin crew were extremely friendly and obliging, clearly taking pride in their jobs, the service is perfect. The food and beverage offer are of high quality, the ICE entertainment was phenomenal, many channels to watch including the latest movies. My favorite spot in the A380 is the lounge, I spend hours there and love it. Never say never but I will never fly any other airlines than my favorite airlines in the world: EMIRATES.”

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