6 Books For Understanding Cryptocurrency


Jan 04
cryptocurrency  image of coins

Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency are the hottest topics in the financial circuit. Whether you want to know more about bitcoin mining or learn about bitcoins themselves, here are our top picks for the must-read books in the category. Learn all about the world of bitcoins, bitcoin mining and the technology behind it all – Blockchain.

The Bitcoin Big Bang

If the name wasn’t enough to attract you to buy this one, then knowing that it is written by Brian Kelly, a reporter for CNBC’s Fast Money probably will. The book discusses the international implications of bitcoins and the global potential the Cryptocurrency can have. It is written from an investor perspective and is a good guide on how to invest and trade in alterative currencies.

Mastering Bitcoin

This is a book by Andreas Antonopoulos and is a great read for those looking to learn the complex terminology that surrounds the industry. The book provides clear explanations about the basics of how bitcoin works and the technology behind it. This is an absolute must read whether you are a bitocin novice or expert. The author is a researcher and bitcoin advocate and also provides a unique perspective into bitcoin’s open source code.

The Age of Cryptocurrency

The Age of Cryptocurrency is written by Wall Street Journal reporters Michael Casey and Paul Vigna. This is a well written book that claims it can teach you how to be ready when the Age of Cryptocurrency arrives. This is a good read for bitcoin experts and newbies alike. Since it is written by reporters, it is presented as a well researched, well crafted book.

The Book Of Satoshi

Phil Champagne investigates about the mysterious creator of bitcoin who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Is it a person? Is it a group of people? The book explores how it was possible to create bitcoin while being absolutely anonymous. The Book Of Satoshi also deals with bitcoin itself and its concept as explained by its creator in the original white paper. If you are one of those people who have spent time thinking about this mysterious person and how the Cryptocurrency came into existence, then this is the book for you.


This book deals with the technology behind Bitcoin, the Blockchain. Melanie Swan talks about how the blockchain technology can revolutionise various industries and the changes it can bring in the world. She also explains the various other uses of blockchain. This is a good read if you are looking to know more about block technology and want a clear and easy-to-read book about this complex topic.

Digital Gold

Nathaniel Popper’s Digital Gold is another bitcoin masterpiece. The book tells various stories carefully weaved to keep you reading till the very end. Digital Gold provides the history and timeline of bitcoin’s development and can be a good way to understand the Cryptocurrency better. The author also compared Bitcoins to gold.