5 Exciting Reasons To Visit Gilligan‘s Australia

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: April 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

With thousands of hostels and resorts worldwide, to stand out, you have to bring something unforgettable and a unique experience, both to vacationers and backpackers. Gilligan’s hostel & resort in Australia blends it up smoothly, delivering an intriguing, fun, adventurous, social and soothing stay all at once. How do they do it? These five compelling reasons why you should visit Gilligan’s will provide you with an extensive and excellent answer. And don’t be surprised if Gilligan’s Australia skyrockets to your bucket list after it. Let’s go! Shall we?

1.    Its Entertainment’s Spectacular

Resorts allow us to relax and be comfortable, sweeping our troubles away, at least for some time. But Gilligan’s invites you to embrace the joy and unwind while having fun at the same time with its spectacular range of entertainment.

Renowned for its vibrant culture, its entertainment value might catch even the savviest party-goers off guard. Live music & DJs here are as common as people’s smiles and nightly games with various activities will provide excitement, while themed events will give you wonderful diversity.

And for that cherry on top, add a world-class sound system, three bars, pool parties, and elegant nightclub lounges with up to 2000 people staying within the award-winning venue. All of that in a resort? Wow!

Gilligan‘s Australia bar

2. Fascinating Functionality

Gilligan’s come in with yet another great and exciting reason to visit the vibrant resort, and without a doubt, it is the exceptional functionality that it holds.

Whatever you are planning or have in mind, there’s a very good chance that Gilligan’s got you covered for your next celebration or meeting venue.

Think of birthdays and Christmas parties, conferences, meetings and product launches accompanied by various settings to be held in. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg that Gilligan’s resort is when it comes to functionality and delivering the event you always wanted.

3. Intriguing Food

Great food or just food at all might not be the first thing that comes to mind when the words resort or backpacker hostel comes up, but as busy and large Gilligan’s resort is, dedicated time and love for food are always there.

The pub-style food gathered delicious feedback over the years, with its restaurant Fat Seagulls providing meals and snacks to the resort’s guests. Catering at Gilligan’s is also available for private functions and events, bringing the tastes to any affair out there.

And how about those roasts on Sundays? Make that extra space in the belly because the food here leaves an impression, is affordable, and keeps you fulfiled as well!

Live entertainment at Gilligan‘s Australia

4. Ignite The Adventurer in You

Gilligan’s Australia is not all about partying; after all, it is a beloved resort & hostel among travellers as well. Being located in a beautiful and exotic Australia while surrounded by other fascinating countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia, and more, you can awaken your inner Indiana Jones with the help of specialists.

Whether it’s the thrill you are seeking, advice from professionals or discovery through exploration, adventure tours with Gilligan’s travel team are here to deliver beyond that.

From stunning waterfalls and exotic rainforests to colourful coral reefs and more, these striking natural locations are enchanted by activities such as zip-lining and scuba diving to compose some of the best moments of your life. Are you ready?

5. Exceptional Accommodation & Perks

Spacious, clean, air-conditioned and comfortable. From dorms to private hotel suites. That’s a great start! And let’s not forget a 24-hour reception and free airport pick up alongside complimentary breakfast and WiFi. But we are only warming up to deliver a story about Gilligan’s exceptional accommodation and perks!

As a resort guest, you’ll have many perks at your side to tackle the spectacular entertainment, with free club entry, VIP privileges at restaurants and bars, and more.

An active guest? No worries because free gym access alongside basketball & volleyball courts will keep you in shape.

Many more perks await the guests of this dynamic, fun and vibrant resort in which any type of traveller will find their perfect moment. Enjoy!

Gilligan‘s Australia outdoors