2016 Finalists for National Business Book Award

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The long list for the National Business Book Award, one of Canada’s most prestigious literary awards, was announced on Feb. 23rd. The long list authors will vie for a $30,000 prize to the author of the most outstanding Canadian business-related book published in 2016.

The long list for the National Business Book Award, one of Canada’s most prestigious literary awards, was announced Feb. 23rd, 2017 by co-sponsors PwC Canada and BMO Financial Group. The long list authors will vie for a $30,000 prize that will be awarded on April 24, 2017, to the author of the most outstanding Canadian business-related book published in 2016. Celebrating its 32nd year, the National Business Book Award is an annual celebration of Canadian authors of extraordinary non-fiction business-related books. It continues to gain attention from not only the Canadian business world, but also publishers, authors, journalists, academics, economists and business leaders internationally.

The National Business Book Award jury is chaired by Peter Mansbridge, Chief Correspondent, CBC Television News. Other jurors include: Deirdre McMurdy, Adjudicator; David Denison, businessman and Chair of Hydro One; author and publisher Anna Porter and The Honourable Pamela Wallin.

The 2016 winner was Loosing The Signal.

The long list for the National Business Book Award is:

Brewing Revolution: Pioneering the Craft Beer Movement

By Frank Appleton.

The inspirational story behind today’s rise of Canada’s micro-brew business is the subject of this memoir by Frank Appleton, the brew master considered by many to be the father of Canada’s craft-brewing movement.

Distilled: A Memoir of Family, Seagram, Baseball, and Philanthropy

By Charles Bronfman with Howard Green

Charles Bronfman reflects on his relationship with his parents, his brother Edgar, working in the family business, landing Canada’s first baseball franchise, the Montreal Expos, promoting the Canadian identity through Heritage Minutes and how the Bronfman family fractured over the sale of Seagram. Distilled is remarkably honest about that period and the subsequent corporate calamity that made headlines for several years.

A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking in the Information Age

By Daniel J. Levitin

Given the intense public conversation about the proliferation of “fake news” and the strategic use of misinformation, the topic of this book is relevant. Neuroscientist and author Daniel Levitin reminds us that as people hunt and gather statistics and, by choosing what to count, how to go about counting and how to interpret what’s been counted, they reinforce their own biases. Ultimately, he shows how science is the bedrock of critical thinking.

Truth and Honour: The Death of Richard Oland and the Trial of Dennis Oland

By Greg Marquis

The book explores the 2011 murder of Saint John businessman Richard Oland, of the prominent family that owns Moosehead Breweries, the ensuing police investigation and the arrest, trial, and conviction of the victim’s son, Dennis Oland, for second-degree murder. Over its history, Canada has been powerfully influenced by family-controlled enterprises. And even when they become publicly traded, that internal dynamic is never fully transparent to outside stakeholders.

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A Tale of Two Countries: How the Great Demographic Imbalance is Pulling Canada Apart

By Richard Saillant

A Tale of Two Countries wades through numbers and facts to demonstrate the fundamental demographic chasm that is, in Richard Saillant’s view, threatening Canada and its economic future. As the uneven distribution of an aging population divides provinces, their agendas and political priorities will increasingly diverge based on their population profile.

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business and the World

By Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott

Don Tapscott, and his son, blockchain expert Alex Tapscott, bring us their conviction that blockchain heralds a revolution in the economy, business, regulation, society and politics. On the social front, the authors believe that blockchain can overhaul the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Bet On Me: Leading and Succeeding in Business and in Life

By Annette Verschuren with Eleanor Beaton.

As co-founder of Michaels in Canada and past president of Home Depot in Canada and Asia, Annette Verschuren lays out her philosophy for what it takes to lead and succeed in today’s economy from having tenacity to the willingness to embrace risk and a steadfast commitment to remain true to yourself

The winner of the National Business Book Award will be announced on April 24, 2017 at an event in Toronto hosted by PwC Canada and BMO Financial Group.

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