16 Ways to Plan a Summer Trip With Your Family on a Budget

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  • Date: May 26, 2022
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It can be difficult for families to save money on travel. You can only vacation when school is out, which means more people are travelling at that time and you would prefer non-stop flights which can be more expensive.

It can be difficult for families to save money on travel. You can only vacation when school is out, which means more people are travelling at that time and you would prefer non-stop flights which can be more expensive. Travelling with kids can also mean higher baggage charges and increased miscellaneous expenses.

Here are sixteen hacks to save money while travelling with your family.

Have a budget – it can be easy to go overboard or not enjoy yourself fretting over the price of everything you are buying on vacation. Having a budget will make it easier to know exactly what to expect. Research claims that booking your flight tickets for the weekend or Tuesdays will get you a better deal.

Plan early – Book your flight tickets as early as you can. Book at least two months in advance and six months in advance for travel within North America if you are heading to Europe. You could save at least 10 per cent and up to 25 per cent if you book early.

Low price search for hotels online – Use price searches for getting the best deals online. Some hotel chains will have better prices on specific sites, and you can even get free bookings if you take advantage of the offers.

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Inform the hotel that you are travelling with kids – That could lead to the hotel providing amenities, like bottle warmers and cribs. They may offer toys and games for the kids to play with, which could save precious luggage space, which brings us to our next point.

Pack light – Packing light can save not just luggage charges but also make it much easier to carry around. Most families will overpack and use all the packing hacks, such as rolling your clothes and wearing your bulkiest items. Use the shampoo and soap at the hotel, and don’t bring along anything you feel you would not use. Use a luggage scale to know what to expect regarding luggage fees.

Bring snacks – Avoid buying anything at the airport. Bring your kids’ favourite snacks and a water bottle that you can fill up.

Bring your car seats – Bring your stroller and car seats on your vacation has more benefits than monetary. Your kids will feel more comfortable, and the rentals are not usually of excellent quality.

Try a house swap – With a house swap, you save significant dollars on hotels and can get a much better and more comfortable experience for adults and kids. You will quickly realize that having a kitchen while on vacation with the kids is a fantastic thing.

Vacation with friends – If you plan a vacation with another family, you save on various things. Find a house large enough for both families on sites such as AirB&B or HomeAway.

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Use your benefits – You may have employee discount options available. Also, some alumni and trade associations can get you discounts.

Use your credit card reward points – while you are planning your vacation is a great time to use your credit card points. You can also use sign up bonuses or medical and travel insurance benefits that some credit cards provide.

Search online before making a decision – Just by searching the name of the place or tour with the word discount or coupon, it is possible to save money. Use coupons, and don’t hesitate to do some research online before you purchase. Need an Affordable Limo? Find Great Deals on Rides for All Occasions on Limos.com.

Be flexible – Being flexible is a great way to take advantage of airlines and hotels’ various offers. By travelling in the low season, you can save considerable money. However, make sure to check the weather there when you are booking.

Choose a cheaper destination abroad – Choosing a more affordable but more adventurous destination like Thailand, Vietnam, or India can offer great value. Sure, it will cost you more airfare to reach there, but you can save on expenses.

Or stay closer to home – Now is as good a time as any to explore our homeland, visit places in Canada that you have not seen before. You will be surprised at how different and fun the experience can be.

Sign up for online alerts – You may find an excellent airline deal with limited time validity or a great hotel deal that can be used anytime.

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I hope you enjoy your vacation!