Top 12 Canadian Startup Companies to Watch in 2016

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: August 25, 2018
  • Time to read: 4 min.

From the unfamiliar to the known, here’s 12 Canadian start-ups we feel should be on your watch list in 2016.

Here are the top 12 companies we feel should be on your watch list: has gone from just being online to being a physical presence in malls. The company is poised for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) that could well change its future. The company took the shoe market by storm by changing the way people were buying shoes. Its founder Roger Hardy sold off his successful eye-care web business ClearlyContacts to combine two online shoe sellers into this larger business. has also diversified its business by acquiring socks and underwear company Richer Poorer. This company definitely gets a prime position on our Canadian companies to watch list.


Hootsuite, with its owl logo, is the most widely used platform for managing social media. The company is in the news for all the right reasons and could be one of the most important stories to come this year. As social media becomes stronger than ever, Hootsuite too is set to grow. While this company did face some reorganization and even endured some layoffs last year, we should remember that it is one of Canada’s fastest growing startups in history that we are talking about. This is one of the most important companies to watch out for.

Hootsuite - Social Media Management Platform


Zootly has been defined as the ‘Uber’ of moving companies. The startup is making waves in the moving industry with its app. Zootly works as a logistics operator connecting moving companies and people who are looking to move in New York and is expected to be available in other cities in the U.S and Canada soon. The company is looking to launch its IPO soon. While it has often been compared to Uber, it will not face the hiccups that Uber did since Zootly doesn’t bypass traditional moving companies.


This is a subscription based app designed for construction workers to make life easier for them. The app connects contractors and laborers and keeps them updated on their project and also has integrated messaging and images. This could be the latest in the building and construction industry and hence is on our watch list.


If you weren’t sure whether to cut this one some slack then it is time. Slack is a messaging app that its users say is different from the number of other messaging services that can be downloaded for free. The app which is said to have around 2 million active users is also known to be very user friendly and addictive. The company is looking to build platforms and bots to integrate into its main app making it a absolutely essential to keep on our list.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is another medical tech company that is making waves. It is a way for doctors to share and discuss about compelling medical cases. Known among the medical community as the ‘Instagram for doctors’ it has been gaining popularity with doctors worldwide. As top medical professionals continue using Figure 1, it is definitely the right fit here on our must-watch companies list.

Vision Critical

Vancouver based Vision Critical is a platform that helps companies build communities of customers for feedback. We are keeping our eyes on this company as it is expecting its Initial Public Offering (IPO) very soon. The company said it was ‘very close’ to being ready for IPO and just like anyone else we would love a slice of the Vision Critical pie. This company is probably going to stay on the must-watch companies list even after the IPO.


3D printing has often been seen as the ‘future’, this company takes 3D printing technology and computer vision technology to build gear that uses data from smartphones. They are custom printed wearables. The company has seen some seed funding and venture funding so definitely takes a sought-after place on our list.

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This is an app that nudges you in the direction of making better professional relationships. Nudge claims to leverage your professional network and could very well be the future for some of us looking to build business relationships that last. We will be keeping an eye out for the ‘nudge’.


Alberta based Showbie has nothing to do with showbiz, it is an application that targets at paperless classrooms and aims at bringing better technology to students to teachers. The app has around 2 million teachers and students using it and is now available to parents aiming to make education more transparent and easier to track. This one seems to have all the makings of a winner so we recommend you keep a watch on Showbie.


Atomwise is a company that focuses on developing artificial intelligence for drug discovery. While developing new medicines take 15 years on average with high costs to boot, this company is using technology to bring about change in the sector. This is a lifesaving endeavor that can speed up the process of medical solutions. Atomwise moved to Y Combinator in Silicon Valley from the University of Toronto incubator, however that does not stop it from being on our watch list.


BlackBerry has, in the past, been Canada’s pride and has been the largest tech company. While the company did face a fall it shouldn’t be written off just yet and thus it earns a spot on our list. Is there an exciting rebound story to look for?