10 Expenses You Can Claim Medical Tax Credit for in Canada

  • By: mvadmin
  • Date: March 19, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Many medical services, therapies and devices can qualify for the medical tax credit and are permitted medical expenses under the Canada Revenue Agency. Here are ten that could surprise you.

Most of us know that prescription glasses, dental care and most medications are expenses we should bear privately. The health act, which guarantees essential physician and hospital services, does not include many other medical costs we incur. Many different medical services, therapies, and devices could potentially make us pay privately for them.

However, many of these expenses can qualify for the medical tax credit and are permitted medical expenses under the Canada Revenue Agency. Here are ten that could surprise you


If you or your dependent travelled more than 40 kilometres to avail medical services, and these services are not available nearer, you can deduct these costs. Surprisingly this works even on expenses incurred outside of Canada.


Training costs are eligible if you learn to care for a dependent with a physical or mental impairment.

School and Tuition

Equipment, personnel and facility costs associated with a school for those with physical or mental impairment are deductible.

Reading Services, Talking Textbooks, Symbol Boards

Students with perceptual disabilities in secondary school may be eligible for their talking textbooks as medical expenses. Reading services for blind students or those with severe learning disabilities are also deductible.

Service Animals

The cost of a service animal and its care and maintenance, including food and veterinarian care, is deductible. Service animals are specially trained to help patients.

Therapy Plan and Therapy

The costs incurred for creating a personal therapy plan and treatment costs for patients with mental or physical impairment are eligible expenses. This also includes service fees charged by the therapists.

Adult Diapers

The cost of Diapers for someone who is incontinent can be deductible

Medical Marijuana

It is essential to be authorized to use it and purchase medical marijuana from a designated producer. Then, it is also eligible for deduction.

Gluten-free Products

This may be the most surprising of all. The difference in cost between non-gluten-free products and gluten-free products is tax-deductible, but only if you have celiac disease.

Home Renovation Expenses and Construction

There may be some renovation and Construction required for dealing with prolonged mobility impairment. Building access ramps, driveway access etc., can be tax-deductible. Air conditioner, air filter, or purifier expenses too can be claimed.

However, over the counter medications, vitamins and supplements are still not deductible even when prescribed by a doctor. The CRA site has a complete list of eligible medical expenses. Still, it is essential to note that these expenses require certification and a prescription from a medical practitioner before being deductible. Storing your receipts is necessary too.

Some medical expenses also require eligibility under the Disability Tax Credit, and you have to apply for it before filing your taxes. It functions as credit. It reduces the income tax you have to pay.