AV Terms Meeting Planners Need to Know

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  • Date: July 12, 2018
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When you’re organizing an event, it helps to know some of the lingo AV professionals use. The AV (Audio Visual) services industry is a $25USD Billion dollar industry in North America, according to a study done by Acclaro Growth Partners.

This includes a range of businesses, including conference audio visual services. Like most industries, it has its own set of terms, some of them you might already know, while others, (like GoBo) might be new to you.

Here are some terms you might hear AV professionals use and it’s good to be familiar with:

Front of house

This has different meaning in different industries, in Audio Visual terms, this an area where AV techs will set-up and gives them an unobstructed listening and a clear view of the stage.It’s important for planners to accommodate space in a floor plan for them.

Confidence monitor

Along with Doghouse monitor, these are two terms you might hear together. Basically, a Confidence monitor is a small screen placed facing the presenter, so they can see what the audience sees. If the monitor is placed inside a hood or case, that’s called a “doghouse monitor.”

Aspect ratio

A term to describe the width of a screen (or an image) versus the height, with the numbers separated by a colon. For example, 2:1 would be a screen that is twice as wide as it is tall, while 4:3 would be the shape of an older TV.


This is short for Image MAGnification and it refers to the screens that are placed around a venue to provide a close-up of the presenter on stage. When planning the layout of the venue, space for the cameras and screens have to be taken into account.

Rigging and Truss

Rigging is the term for equipment used to suspend lighting, projectors or sound equipment from the ceiling of a venue. Part of the rigging are trusses, part of the rigging, are made from aluminum tubing and come in different lengths. They are used to hang lights, drapes, speakers or other equipment.

GoBo / Moddim Tiles.

A GoBo is a glass or metal template that fits inside a lighting instrument to project a company logo, event logo, words or other design onto a backdrop, ceiling, dance floor or wall. Another decoration are Moddim tiles; these are customizable backdrops for stage settings. These versatile, interlocking tiles come in several designs and can be clear or solid, and are usually easily lit from behind or below to create different effects.

These are just some of the common ones you might hear, and most company representatives from companies like PureAV (a Toronto-based Audio Visual service provider) will be happy to explain terms like these. If looking for Conference Audio Visual services, visit their website for more information on what kinds of services they can provide to make your next event a memorable event.

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