1 Million Contacts Announces Launch of Free Platform Connecting Contacts Around the World

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  • Date: May 7, 2021
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The new platform aims to have 1 million members and 1 million viewers every month.

The team at 1 Million Contacts has announced the official launch of their exciting new platform, which promises to connect contacts worldwide with a mission of having 1 million members and 1 million viewers every month.

1 Million Contacts offers a very different new contact media platform that lets people connect or post a personal or business profile visible to people in 195 countries. In fact, the website and all the profiles on the site can be translated into 108 languages, making it perhaps the most diverse in terms of language to be found today. This poses an interesting opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to spread their influence around the world. Entrepreneurs, e-commerce sites, and more can even take advantage of 1 Million Contacts to get their name promoted for free.

To start, users select the country of origin they wish to use and then post a personal or business profile for 1 year and post up to 195 countries.

On the other end, users can quickly scroll through ads and hover over interesting ones to see an air bubble, including a short description of the profile. Then, the user can click through the personal or business profile.

The team at 1 Million Contacts is committed to ensuring a quality experience for all users; thus, they have a small global team that filters out inappropriate images or language to ensure a friendly user experience.

16×16 pixel ads that double when hovered over can be posted for free, but users can also choose to pay $2 to upgrade to a larger version. This fee also includes a back-office through which users can edit their ad as needed over the course of the one year of advertising included.

“We don’t need to be the biggest to be the best,” said a spokesperson for the team at 1 Million Contacts.

1 Million Contacts provides a highly economical way for users to advertise their businesses and services. Many marketing methods are out of budget for many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, but 1 Million Contacts offers a unique opportunity to spread the word and get online for free or as little as $2.

Right now, 1 Million Contacts is accepting new Advertisers to their website. Users can choose from both the free and affordable expanded marketing options. There are several expanded options available, including a variety of ad sizes. More information can be found at https://www.1millioncontacts.com.

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