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Do's and Don'ts of Drone Real Estate Photography

Drones are one of the best ways to capture truly appealing images from a variety of unique perspectives. A drone can take photographs and videos from angles and locations that help the property to look unique in a variety of ways, and provides a scenic view of the property and the area that surrounds it.


Locally Made Mens' Grooming Products Are the New Rage

A couple of years ago the only ‘grooming’ products available for men was razors, shaving foam and a musky cologne. Fast forward to now and men have a wide array of artisanal products available such as beard oil with exotic ingredients like rosemary leaf extract and shaving soap that contains avocado oil.


Sky Snap, a Toronto-based Drone Services Company

Sky Snap is a Canadian company that offers drone rentals and drone photography services including: aerial surveying services and aerial mapping services.

Press Releases

Best Practices For Reeling In Customers For Your Limo Service Business

You will find managing your limo rental service business much more straightforward if you have a definite idea of your goals and the best techniques to carry out to meet them.


Jobs in the Canadian Tourism Sector Are Increasing, in Spite of Poor Job Market

Even as employment opportunities in Canada are declining further, employers in the tourism sector are hiring new recruits. While the number of people who work full time in Canada in June has decreased, jobs in tourism related markets are still on an uphill as many positions remain open due to the booming industry.

Real Estate

5 Percent of All Vancouver Homes Sold Are Bought by Foreigners, Mostly Chinese Nationals

Five percent of all real estate purchases made in Metro Vancouver were by foreign buyers and almost all of them were Chinese nationals, according to preliminary data collected on foreign investment in the real estate market.


U.S. Companies Are Taking Undue Advantage of Canada's Top Talent, Canadian Taxpayers: SOTI CEO

American technology companies are taking advantage of Canada’s subsidized tuition and should be required to reimburse taxpayers, CEO of SOTI, Carl Rodrigues recently told a television channel.


Three Human Resource Tips for Every Small Business

To grow your business successfully it is essential to be a great leader and have effective human resource management in place.


Finding a Small Business Accounting Service in Toronto

The role of an accountant has evolved over the years, a couple of decades ago they would only be seen during tax season and disappear after that. Now businesses both small and medium look for much more in an accountant.