Real Estate

Hot housing market benefits Vancouver's high-end furniture business

As prices of homes increase the quality and price of the furniture in these homes too is rising if interior experts are to be believed. While prices of homes have been steadily rising, Vancouver’s benchmark furniture prices have increased 46 percent over the past two years.

Personal Productivity

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Efficient During the Summer Slowdown

When it is summertime it can seem like many of your clients are not around and your inbox is almost empty except for some auto-replies. It can be frustrating if you aren’t on a break yourself but everyone around you seems to be on one. However you can make the best of the calmer season by actually getting ahead and making your business stronger.


Toronto App FIIX Could Change the Way You Get Your Car Serviced

The Toronto app, described as “an Uber for mechanics,” aims to bring top-rated mobile mechanics directly to your home to service your car.

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Startups 101: Top 10 Mistakes Startups Can Avoid Making

Starting a new business can be very tough on any entrepreneur. Many mistakes are usually made in the first year; these mistakes could cost you big, not just financially but also with your reputation.


Features of Venture Capital: What to Look for in Your VC

When you are a startup looking for an investment, any investment can seem like a great thing. However it is important to know that the investor you have on board with you is a right fit for your startup.


Top 12 Canadian Startup Companies to Watch in 2016

From the unfamiliar to the known, here's 12 Canadian start-ups we feel should be on your watch list in 2016.


Should Canada Adopt a Nationwide Intellectual Property Strategy?

The recent Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has set off debates on the intellectual property (IP) chapter. Most critics allege that the agreement could harm Canadian companies. While the U.S. negotiators did not get all of their initial demands approved, critics say the agreement largely reflects the preferences of the U.S.


Scheduled Start Time on CETA Remains Unchanged, Say Officials

Government officials have confirmed that the official scheduled start time for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union has not changed. This comes in the wake of recent developments which suggested the CETA could be delayed.

Personal Productivity

Top 10 Great Ways to Make Networking at Business Events Easy

Networking with people at business events could be one of those you enjoy, or it could be something you aren’t very comfortable with. Talking to new people and building new contracts is great for any businessperson and subsequently for their company. Don’t be the person who doesn’t have anyone to talk to. This is an art that you can master with experience.