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Quebec Hydroelectric Firm Under Scanner for Bad Environmental Standards in Albania

Now, a team of Canadian engineers are building hydroelectric dams in Albania in what is seen as a controversial move as the dam, built across the Balkans, is said to have bad environmental standards with critics claiming it could destroy the rivers in the project.


As Food Subscription Boxes Fade Away, Carnivore Club Stays Strong.

Subscription-based e-commerce company Carnivore Club is proving to be much more than just a one trick pony. When the service, that delivers cured meat to the homes of members, was first launched subscription boxes were the things to be buying, however over time the subscription box trend started fading away.


Should Trade Barriers Between Canada and Japan Be Removed?

Japan and Canada, despite having a long history of trade together remain distinct in many ways, however there is a growing anticipation in the business community that the two countries will become closer economically in the future.

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Title Company Fraud and How to Spot Other Real Estate Scams

From tittle fraud to fake investment seminars and home Improvement scams there are a number of things to watch out for. Here are some of the most common ones.

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Tips When Selling to Asian Real Estate Buyers

The volatility in the Chinese economy and stock market along with the benefits of the low loonie makes Canada an attractive place for Chinese buyers as they see the real estate market here as a stable investment.

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Real Estate Bidding Wars in Toronto Are Now Real, Say Buyers

The real estate market has seen various spikes in the past year but these days buyers are ready to pay substantial amounts of money above the asking price

Real Estate

Hot housing market benefits Vancouver's high-end furniture business

As prices of homes increase the quality and price of the furniture in these homes too is rising if interior experts are to be believed. While prices of homes have been steadily rising, Vancouver’s benchmark furniture prices have increased 46 percent over the past two years.

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Business Efficient During the Summer Slowdown

When it is summertime it can seem like many of your clients are not around and your inbox is almost empty except for some auto-replies. It can be frustrating if you aren’t on a break yourself but everyone around you seems to be on one. However you can make the best of the calmer season by actually getting ahead and making your business stronger.


Toronto App FIIX Could Change the Way You Get Your Car Serviced

The Toronto app, described as “an Uber for mechanics,” aims to bring top-rated mobile mechanics directly to your home to service your car.