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PartsAvatar: Premium Car Parts and Lighting in Canada

PartsAvatar was started in Burnaby, BC by Canadian entrepreneurs who combined their extensive experience in the automotive industry with the goal to fill the need for quality parts at good prices.


What the Gig Economy Means for Small Businesses

Recently a report in the technology section of the Globe and Mail highlighted the term ‘gig economy’. The report, which focused on independent entrepreneurs, said that new age businesses are now using different models which range from operating out of their own websites to using platforms that facilitate these independent ‘gigs’.


Could Toronto's Pearson Airport Be Considered a Mega Hub Soon?

Air Canada and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) are looking to break the stereotypes that shroud Canadian airports and turn Toronto’s Pearson International Airport into a major hub that would stand on par with Singapore’s Changi airport or Dubai’s famous international airport which receives praises from even weary travelers.


Where Is the Canadian Fintech Industry Headed?

The Canadian financial technology sector is rapidly rising; it has potential to change things over the next ten years bringing about a shift in the manner people view the banking and payment sector.

Press Releases

Explainer Video – The Things You Should Know Before Using One for Your Business

An explainer video is actually a short animated video that is typically used by almost all businesses to tell the stories of their brands quickly and in a memorable manner.


ASC to Crack down on Paid Social Media Endorsement

From early 2017, celebrities and social media ‘influencers’ can no longer post content that they have been paid to publish without mentioning that it is a sponsored post.


Weeding out the Suspicious – Canadian Banks Remain Wary About Legal Marijuana Sellers

Marijuana legislation is not expected to be introduced until the spring of 2017 and experts anticipate that while they are now trying to stay as far from weed sellers as they can, banks will get more involved when the industry grows bigger.

Real Estate

Will Toronto's Real Estate Become the New Vancouver as Foreign Buyers Shift Eastward?

Toronto is the new destination for foreign real estate buyers who have been scared off by the additional 15 percent taxation that that they will incur if they choose to buy property in Vancouver, a report said.


The Telecom Race in Nunavut, Who is Winning?

People in Nunavut are already paying the most expensive internet bills in the world so what should they expect now?