Oct 19

Top 10 Accounting Steps All Startups Must Know

Startups , Taxes

Here are the top 10 accounting tips that every new entrepreneur should know before beginning their business. Whether you have just opened the online store after years of preparation or you have jumped into wearing the entrepreneur hat, this is a must read. 

Oct 12

Toronto SEO Services From Ege Marketing

Media / Marketing

With many years of working as a freelance SEO consultant for businesses across Canada, Toronto SEO services expert Deniz Ege Kiraz, has the skills and knowledge to drive organic traffic and fresh leads to your local business website.  

Oct 10

Frank + Oak Looks to Expand Into Women’s Fashion


Montreal based  Frank + Oak  started off as an online menswear retailer and subscription service startup offering members a limited feed of clothing and accessories, it now looks to expand its membership scope and include women’s wear into its profile.

Oct 09

Top 10 Tips From Real Estate Agents

Real Estate

The unstable economic weather has meant that more people have stayed away from making big investments like buying properties and other investments in the real estate sector. However, experts now say it can be a good time to finally buy that property you have been wanting to or to upgrade your home to a bigger one.

Sep 29

Find an Angel Investor on a Deadline


If you think your company is ready for an angel investor, look no further. San Francisco based AngelList is a company that connects startups with angel investors and has now launched a new program for Canadian start-ups .The premise of the program is simple but effective, AngelList will help you connect with an angel investor and has a deadline of August 30.

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