Personal Productivity

Credit Card Debt Could Be the Reason You Aren't Finding Love

It is entirely possible that bad timing, a bad personality or a hectic work life are not the only main reasons that are stopping a person from finding their ‘one-true-love’. It could be just be that their credit card debt history is terrible.


Big Shiny Tunes Compilation CD Celebrates 20 Years

Canadian classic and bestseller Big Shiny Tunes compilation completed its twentieth anniversary at the end of 2016

Real Estate

Tips from Done Right Demos on Commercial Demolition

The cost of demolition for your home, garage, concrete, commercial building, or other building can be nearly impossible to estimate without the help of an expert. A Done Right Demos demolition expert can help from project planning, site preparation and demolition work through waste removal, environmental safeguards and site restoration, they offer all the services you need, start to finish. Their expertise can help you make smart decisions, keeping demolition costs down.


Coastline Market: Vancouver Fishing App Links Fishermen to Restaurants

Coastline Market Inc is a Vancouver startup which has an app that helps fishermen by linking them up with restaurants and in the process preventing middle men from pocketing big bucks.

Personal Productivity

Top Personal Finance and Economics Books of 2016

As the year ends, it is time to reflect upon the books you have read the past year and recollect everything you have learnt from them.We hope that you will enjoy our list of personal finance and economics books that will help you in 2017.


How to Hire the Best Sales People for Your Business

Hiring a good sales person can have an immense impact on the overall growth of your business. To ensure your business flourishes it is very important to have the right people around you.


How Entrepreneurs Can Crack the Niche Meat Market in Quebec Versus Ontario

In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, Sylvain Charlebois, a professor in food distribution and policy, said tapping into a niche meat market is possible with an incremental approach and starting with a decent-sized market.


Is Google Ignoring Canadian Law? Is the Internet Now a 'Law Free' Zone?

A case heard last month at the Supreme Court of Canada between two B.C. companies dealt with the issue of whether Google can be considered independent of Canadian law because it operates in the ‘cloud’.

Press Releases

Keep the Wildlife Animals Away, Save Your Gardens

When in the book or zoo raccoons, moles, rabbits can grab your attention in a positive manner but when found in lawns or gardens things are different. These wildlife animals not only tear the turf and affect lawns but often enter into building spoil food items, damage building structures which is not great feeling of course!