How Air Canada Is Propelling Itself to Become the New International Favourite Airline

Ever since gulf based airlines have become the choice for luxury inclined passengers, U.S. based carriers have been miffed. However, they now have to deal with tough completion from someone very near home.

Real Estate

Concierge Real Estate Services

Concierge Real Estate Services is based in Burnaby, British Columbia. They provide a comprehensive, free online video course that teaches BC home buyers about the process of home buying


Introducing Greenify Organic Lawn Care of Ottawa

Greenify Organic Lawn Care is a leading Ottawa lawn care business focused on organic and natural lawn care processes and contributing back to the environment. They are an environmentally conscious brand fused with high-tech practices to deliver a new kind of lawn company.


Thermal Energy Receives $1.7 Million Heat Recovery Order from Major Hospital Group

Canadian cleantech company, Thermal Energy International, has received a $1.7 million order from a major hospital group for one of the company’s proprietary FLU-ACE® heat recovery systems. The project is expected to be completed and revenue earned over the next six months.


OnlineCremation Funeral services of Calgary

OnlineCremation is a Calgary funeral service that provides convenience and comfort during a difficult time without needing to visit a funeral home.


OnlineCremation - Calgary's New Way of Planning Funerals

OnlineCremation is a Calgary funeral service that provides a new option for Calgarians looking for an easier option during a difficult time by helping to make all your cremation decisions without needing to visit a funeral home, and provide low cost cremation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Facebook and Twitter Pages of Canadian Tax Evaders Being Monitored

Social media posts of Canadian taxpayers who could be cheating on their taxes are being monitored by the Canada Revenue Agency. The agency is now focusing on collecting and analyzing many kinds of data for its use including information publically available online.

Energy / Resources

Thermal Energy International Capitalizing on an Enormous Market Opportunity

Headquartered in Ottawa and with offices in in the U.K., Italy, U.S., and China, Thermal Energy has become a global provider of proven energy efficiency and emission reduction solutions to the industrial and institutional markets.

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Introducing SEO Vancouver, an Internet Marketing Company

Many years ago, getting your website noticed was a pretty simple affair, these days you really need the help of a professional business like SEOInVancouver. SEOInVancouver is a Vancouver company that provides businesses with SEO marketing services.