Personal Productivity

How to Decide When to Kill off Your Social Media Channel

Social media is not the game of a lucky few. However it is not for everyone either. Knowing where to focus and when to exit can have a major impact on your social media channels.


Travel Enthusiasts Can Now Become Online Travel Agents

TRVL, a travel company which has launched its website to the public, is now enabling users to access tools that were only available to professional travel agents.

Real Estate

Rebound Seen in Vancouver Housing Market, Prices Rise

The impact of last year’s foreign buyer’s tax seems to be wearing off in the always-interesting Vancouver housing market. The most expensive city for real estate is now seeing demand for homes and sales of property is likely to increase.


Air Canada to Counter WestJet's Ultra Low Cost Carrier Plans With Their 'Air Canada Rouge'

As ultra-low-cost carriers become the talk of the town, Air Canada has said it will ‘wait and see’ but is well positioned to counter WestJet’s plans for its lesser expensive service.


Why Target Canada made it difficult for US brands to foray into Canadian cities

Target exited Canada in 2015 after its poor performance and since then other U.S. brands have had a hard time expanding to Canada. Even when some brands do venture out north, the anticipation and hype is a lot less than it was earlier.


Canadian Legends Interactive eBook on KickStarter

2017 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of modern Canada and there are many events planned throughout the year. If you’re looking to support one, consider this one: the Canadian Legends Interactive eBook by local Vancouver artist and entrepreneur Scott Ellis.


Hop Farming Becomes Lucrative Again as Craft Beers Gain Popularity

Hops are flowers of the Hop plant and are used in flavouring and as a stability agent in the manufacturing of beer and is now becoming a lucrative commodity as brewing of craft beer is more popular than it ever was.


Introducing Montreal Locksmith Service

Montreal Locksmith Service is business in Montreal that offers locksmith services for individuals and businesses, with 24 hour emergency services.


What Should Canadians Travelling to the U.S. Know?

Ever since the last American election, travellers from around the world have shared stories of their experiences at American entry points and raised questions and doubts. So what should a Canadian passport holder know before heading to the U.S?