Canadian Dairy Farmers Losing out as Food Processing Units Prefer Cheaper Diafiltered Milk From U.S.

Dairy farmers in Canada are losing out on selling to food processers as diafiltered milk from the U.S. is given preference over locally produced milk which is more expensive.

Real Estate

Toronto Real Estate Board must provide home sales data online, Competition Tribunal says.

The federal Competition Tribunal ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board to let its member brokers update home sales data online for the public to view in a move that could resonate across Canadian real estate markets.

Personal Productivity

As Financial Frauds Rise, Here Are 8 Tips on How to Protect Your Money

Most of us have now learnt to deal with the usual fraudster emails, calls that proclaim you have won the lottery or that the fake revenue department wants your credit card number, however avoiding identity theft and fraud is becoming increasingly difficult as more personal information is available online than ever before.


Uber in Canada Faces the Heat From Municipal Bureaucracy, Taxi Drivers

Since there aren’t any established standards regulating the industry, Uber has been struggling to cut deals with each municipality.


Technology for Seniors - Startups Make Life Easier for Seniors, Caregivers

Caring for seniors is not easy and needs lots of attention and even specific training in some cases, caregivers can often succumb to stress, physical, emotional and financial pressure.

Personal Productivity

Credit Card Churning: Is It Financial Fun or a Risky Process?

Churners can often accumulate dozens of credit cards in their process of squeezing out the rewards and bonuses that the cards offer. They stay updated on the various offers and reward that different cards offer and know where exactly to use a specific card to spend on purchases to receive the maximum reward points.


An Athlete's Dream – Custom Running Shoes

The concept of Math Shoes came to its founder Mathieu Raymond when he realised just how difficult it was to buy a pair of affordable and perfectly fitting running shoes.

Energy / Resources

Clean Energy Canada Declares Ontario and Quebec Winners, Alberta and Saskatchewan Aiming to Catch Up.

Clean Energy Canada added up all the projects constructed in 2015 across the country to come up with the rankings. Perhaps not surprisingly, half the investments came from Ontario at $5.3 billion, followed by Quebec.


Small Businesses Can Benefit From Fintech Lender Loans

Fintech, a portmanteau of financial technology, describes an emerging financial services sector and companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient.